Monica Smythe

Broker & Founder

Monica is a highly trusted broker in the loan industry, boasting more than a decade of valuable experience. Her expertise and extensive knowledge make her a sought-after professional, consistently delivering exceptional results and tailored financial solutions to her clients. With an impressive track record, Monica’s dedication and commitment to her craft have solidified her reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable loan broker.


Stephen Levias

IL Mortgage Loan Officer
Lic. #1023115

Stephen is a highly regarded loan officer with an impressive career spanning over two decades. With his expertise and professionalism, he has helped countless individuals and businesses secure financial solutions tailored to their needs. Known for his integrity and dedication, Levias is recognized as a trusted authority in the lending industry.


Johnny Diaz

CA Mortgage Loan Officer
Lic. #2490136

Johnny Diaz is a dedicated mortgage loan officer with a passion for assisting clients from diverse backgrounds in achieving their homeownership dreams. Recently licensed as a loan officer, Johnny brings a wealth of experience, having immersed himself in the mortgage industry since 2020. His commitment to excellence and personalized service sets him apart, ensuring that each client receives tailored solutions to meet their financial needs. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Johnny takes pride in his bilingual abilities, facilitating seamless communication and understanding with a broader clientele.


Diallo Macedo

CA Mortgage Loan Officer
Lic. #2117265

Diallo is a professional with two years of experience in the loan industry, specializing in refinances during the COVID refinance boom at LoanDepot, he has successfully built his own book of business. His expertise lies in facilitating transactions for fixer-upper properties and land parcels, acting as an intermediary between investors and real estate agents. He also has a profound specialization in serving homebuyers across diverse credit scores in the vibrant Los Angeles metro region. What sets him apart is his ability to provide tailored funding solutions to small business owners and offer comprehensive financial support to non-traditional borrowers, such as self-employed individuals and those who work overtime. His commitment to delivering exceptional service and personalized solutions ensure a smooth loan process and successful outcomes for all clients.


Richard Simpao

CA Mortgage Loan Officer
Lic. #397136

Richard Simpao is a highly experienced professional with a career spanning over two decades in the real estate industry. With a background as both a loan officer and a former real estate agent, Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every transaction. His specialization as a seasoned veteran in the reverse mortgage field further demonstrates his commitment to providing valuable financial solutions to his clients.


Mynor Lemus

IL Mortgage Loan Officer
Lic. #470647

With over 15 years of dedicated service, Mynor is a seasoned Mortgage Loan Officer, who has cultivated extensive expertise in Retail Lending. He has navigated pivotal roles at three prominent banks and contributed significantly to a Non-Profit Broker Lending Company within Wholesale Lending, Mynor possesses a diverse skill set that spans the mortgage industry. His comprehensive experience extends to adeptly guiding clients through every phase of the loan process, starting from the initial application to the culmination of successful closings. The journey has endowed Mynor with a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics within the mortgage landscape.